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Port Arthur, TX, is my home town. On graduating from Thomas Jefferson High School I enlisted in the USAF for twelve years as a journalist . After military service I attended Woodbury University at Burbank, CA, as a journalism major, while being employed by the Los Angeles Times as a translator and information specialist. I'm retired now and living in 'Ole' San Antone; I still visit Los Angeles and "PA." I have authored a dozen novels.  'News Article' Page has pertinent information about my last project. Starting in 2009, I am writing a mystery thriller - "The Pentagram Killer." My readers will be so surprised in the accounting of greed, corruption, and murder in San Antonio, Texas.

Inherit The Land - Follow a mexican immigrants historical journey from Mexico into San Antonio, Texas from 1850 into the new century to begin a new life. Imagine being there when the small town was under Spanish rule, when they tapped into the Edwards Aquifer for sweet water, 80 miles long and 35 miles wide; and then the Mexican rule, and into American annexation, looking forward towards the 20th century. Explore buildings which are still visited today, where famous personalities once lived. Be there when the infrastructure was being built, mostly by mexican labor, and the food harvest sold and bartered at the local markets. The novel shows one familys adventures over a period of 90 years, working and building.  "Inherit the Land" placed second in the publication awards of the San Antonio Conservation Society yearly awards. This novel is included in the Texana Geneology Department of the San Antonio Public Library at 600 Soledad street. The book is also available at Amazon and Barns & Noble.


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"Pentagram Killer" - Published May 21, 2013

Summary . . . 

Rayne Pilson investigates a murder in Los Angeles committed by a perverted killer know only as Dathen.  Dathen lives in a supernatural world where the occult serves him well; he stays way ahead of the law.  The chase moves rapidly from LA to San Remus, Texas, where Pilson uncovers a real estate criminal conspiracy called the Cement Club. There no-bid contracts are bought and paid for in cash, or in blood.  Soon, Pilson has to enter the world of the paranormal to learn their secrets and weaknesses.  He engages a friendly witch who helps him with the art of spell casting, astral projection, and the Tarot card third eye. He is forced to use the poppet.  Then, he proceeds to break up the Cement Club before he undertakes to take one last chance to bind Dathen and kill him - rid the city of spirits in high places.


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The Rayne Pilson Collection
The Rayne Pilson Collection was published November 2103.  It can be purchased at Lulu and Amazon as above. Check out the cover on this page. >>>>>

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